Red Bull (DOUR)

Red Bull
Red Bull (DOUR)

The Project

For Red Bull, we were tasked with creating a standout installation for the Dour Festival. Red Bull was aiming for a pronounced presence at festivals and was in search of installations that would draw attention and stake a claim for the brand. The Dour Festival, situated in Belgium, is a well-regarded music festival that attracts thousands of visitors annually.

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Strategy and Approach:

To maximize Red Bull's presence at the Dour Festival, we pursued a bold strategy to create an eye-catching installation. Our aim was to deliver a unique experience that would engage festival-goers and highlight Red Bull.

We decided to design an installation that would reflect the energy and dynamism of the Red Bull brand. The installation was crafted to stand out to festival attendees, serving as a reminder of Red Bull’s presence at the event. The concept was to create a focal point that was impossible for visitors to ignore.

The installation featured elements such as the large Red Bull logo and striking imagery of the slogan "Red Bull gives you wings." We ensured a lively and energetic ambiance that seamlessly integrated with the festival environment and embodied the values of Red Bull.

Results and Impact:

The prominent installation at the Dour Festival yielded significant results for Red Bull. The structure captured the attention of festival-goers and generated a buzz around the brand. Red Bull's presence at the Dour Festival was amplified by the striking installation, which gave the brand an unmistakable presence at the festival grounds. This led to increased brand awareness and strengthened the connection with the target audience.

In summary, the conspicuous installation at the Dour Festival was a successful endeavor for Red Bull.