Red Bull (POS)

Red Bull
Red Bull (POS)

The Project

Deldico Studios was tasked by Red Bull to design distinctive Point of Sale (POS) materials that would capture attention at retail locations. Red Bull required these materials to closely align with their highly detailed brand guidelines while also being strikingly noticeable. We developed three different POS material variants: the Summer Edition bollard cover, the On Track display, and the On Track billboard.

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Strategy and Approach:

To capture attention at point-of-sale locations, we adopted a bold and striking approach that aligned with Red Bull's stringent brand guidelines. We ensured that the POS materials reflected the brand's energy and dynamism while simultaneously offering a distinctive appeal.

For the Summer Edition bollard cover, we utilized bright colors and a large image of the product, in line with the theme of Red Bull's summer edition. These bollard covers were publicly displayed, serving as prominent markers that caught the eye of passersby. They provided a visual reminder of the brand and piqued interest in the Summer Edition.

The On Track display was designed to boost Red Bull sales at specific points of purchase, such as sports events with an emphasis on motorsports. The POS materials were strategically placed at high-traffic points, like entrances or near popular products. We crafted an engaging design featuring vibrant colors, iconic Red Bull logos, slogans, and clear references to the relevant sports. This display captured the attention of potential customers and fostered strong brand association.

The On Track billboard was a large-scale POS item positioned at strategic sites, with bold, clear text intended to engage with the audience. We opted for a powerful design with impactful imagery and a well-targeted prompt to captivate passersby and bring Red Bull to the forefront of their minds. This billboard acted as a large-scale reminder of the brand and enhanced brand awareness.

Results and Impact:

The eye-catching POS materials designed for Red Bull have yielded significant outcomes. The Summer Edition bollard covers, On Track displays, and On Track billboards garnered the attention of potential customers at sales points. This led to an increased brand awareness and interest in Red Bull's products.

By adhering to Red Bull's brand guidelines, we succeeded in reinforcing the brand image and conveying the desired message to our target audience.