Omer 130 jaar

Omer 130 jaar

The Project

Als Deldico Studio's kregen we de eervolle opdracht om een nieuw logo te ontwerpen voor het merk Omer ter gelegenheid van hun 130e verjaardag. De uitdaging was om het bestaande logo een jongere en frissere uitstraling te geven, terwijl we binnen de guidelines van het merk Omer bleven. Het nieuwe logo moest ook een verwijzing bevatten naar de rijke geschiedenis van het merk, waarbij het herkenbare glasraam een prominente rol speelt in de communicatie van Omer naar de buitenwereld.

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Strategy and Approach:

To infuse the logo with a rejuvenated and contemporary feel, we conducted a thorough exploration of Omer's brand identity and values. Our intention was to ensure that the new logo preserved the essence of the brand while also projecting a renewed vigor. It was crucial to embed Omer's rich heritage within this refresh.

We decided to incorporate the recognizable stained glass window, a central feature in Omer’s communications, into the new logo in an innovative way. The stained glass not only signifies the brand's history and authenticity but also possesses visual allure. Incorporating it into the logo fosters a strong connection with the brand and the tradition it upholds.

Throughout the design process, we paid close attention to the shape, composition, and color scheme of the new logo. It was imperative that the logo maintained a modern look while reflecting Omer’s values. We opted for a stylized rendition of the stained glass, retaining key elements and combining them in a contemporary fashion. The colors were refined to produce a fresh and appealing look.

Results and Impact:

On September 10, 2022, Omer celebrated its 130th anniversary, and the new logo was proudly unveiled to the public. The refreshed logo succeeded in giving the brand a younger and fresher look without straying from Omer's core values and brand identity. The incorporation of the iconic stained glass window into the logo established a strong visual connection and underscored the brand's rich history.

The new logo was implemented across all of Omer's external communications. It resulted in increased brand recognition and reinforced the brand association among the target audience. The updated logo was positively received and contributed to the celebration of Omer's 130-year legacy.