Multicam Performance

Multicam Performance

The Project

At Deldico Studios, we had the distinct pleasure of working with an up-and-coming pop/rock band in Belgium to create a comprehensive multicam production of their live show. Our objective was simple yet ambitious: to produce a multi-angle video that encapsulates the energy and artistry of the band’s performance. This was not just about recording a gig; it was about crafting a visual experience that the band could use to project their talent onto bigger stages and into the eyes of more fans.

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Strategy and Approach:

Our approach was both technical and creative. We utilized a five-camera setup to ensure diverse perspectives of the show, from sweeping crowd shots to intimate on-stage moments. Careful planning went into the positioning of each camera, with two fixed for wide shots, two on handheld rigs for dynamic movement and audience interaction, and one on a gimbal for smooth tracking shots. We aimed to keep the editing process in mind, ensuring that each camera angle could be stitched together cohesively in post-production. The synchronization of video feeds with the live audio was crucial, so meticulous soundchecks were conducted to align the sonic experience with the visual.

The Result and Outcome:

The final multicam production was a success, embodying the essence of the band’s live energy without the frills of overproduction. During the event, our team worked like a well-oiled machine, adapting to the nuances of the live performance and capturing high-quality footage that reflected the band's stage presence. The band has been using the video to reach out to a broader audience, to book new shows, and to establish a visual identity in the digital sphere. The video has not only served as a testament to their live act but also as a portfolio piece for Deldico Studios, showcasing our ability to amplify the concert experience through thoughtful and engaging video production.