Fevertree ELLE Party

Fevertree ELLE Party

The Project

Deldico Studios was given the thrilling task of producing a short video for the brand Fevertree, a leading tonic water brand. The video was set to be played during the ELLE Party 2023, which took place on March 23rd at Bloody Louis in Brussels. The party celebrated the 20th anniversary of the renowned magazine ELLE, with the evening's theme being 'nillies', focusing on fashion, art, creation, and information. The purpose of our video was to showcase which Fevertree products were featured during the event and to enhance brand awareness in this manner.

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Strategy and Approach:

To capture the essence of the Fevertree brand, we created the video based on a collection of individual clips provided to us. These clips were carefully selected to convey the ambiance and values of Fevertree, such as premium quality, sophistication, and a contemporary look. We edited and merged these images into a dynamic yet coherent video that would capture the attention of the guests present.

To ensure that the video would perfectly fit the ELLE Party 2023, we chose to maintain a sleek design with a professional look. By subtly integrating the right elements from the different products into the video, we created a feeling that as a guest, you would want to try every variety. This not only reinforced the message that Fevertree was present at the event but also generated increased interest in the various Fevertree variants among the attendees.

Results and Impact:

The video was displayed on a screen throughout the ELLE Party 2023, providing the audience with a full-evening overview of the available Fevertree products at the bar. Attendees were excited about Fevertree's presence and were encouraged to explore the brand on their own. The goal to highlight Fevertree's presence during the event and to increase brand awareness was successfully achieved.