Fever Tree: What's On The Menu

Fever Tree
Fever Tree: What's On The Menu

The Project

Deldico Studio's kreeg de spannende opdracht om een korte video te maken voor het merk Fevertree, een toonaangevend tonic water merk. De video zou worden afgespeeld tijdens de ELLE Party 2023, die op 23 maart plaatsvond in de Bloody Louis in Brussel. De party vierde de 20e verjaardag van het gerenommeerde tijdschrift ELLE, en het thema van de avond was 'nillies', waarbij mode, kunst, creatie en informatie centraal stonden. Het doel van onze video was om te showcasen welke Fevertree producten werden geschonken tijdens het evenement en om op deze manier ook de merkbekendheid te vergroten.

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Strategy and approach:

We approached the task with a clear vision: to combine Fever-Tree’s upscale branding with localized content for each hospitality partner. Sticking closely to international brand guidelines, we crafted menus that were consistent in quality and style across various venues while ensuring that each partner's identity was prominently featured. The timing of the roll-out was strategically planned to coincide with peak periods for brand engagement and sales opportunities, optimizing the impact of the menus.

Results and impact:

The final menu cards were well-received by Fever-Tree’s partners, offering them a customized marketing piece that seamlessly fit into their existing menu offerings. The cards effectively increased brand visibility and helped to drive sales during key promotional times. By delivering on brand consistency and partner personalization, the project bolstered Fever-Tree's reputation as a collaborative and attentive brand in the eyes of its most valued clientele.