Ekomenu x De Waog

Ekomenu x De Waog

The Project

We produced an engaging advertising video for Ekomenu, a company that provides ecological and healthy food baskets in Belgium and the Netherlands. Our mission was to visually capture the dedication and sustainable practices of ecological farmers, showcasing the journey of their fresh produce from farm to table. Through compelling storytelling and vivid imagery, we aimed to enlighten (potential) customers about the benefits of switching to ecologically produced food, such as vegetables and fruits, and to foster a connection with the source of their food.

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Strategy and approach:

In crafting the advertising video for Ekomenu, our strategy hinged on showcasing the natural beauty and healthiness of their product process. We utilized drone footage to capture the stunning expansiveness of the crops, emphasizing their allure and the eco-friendly farming methods. Additionally, we delved into the meticulous product selection process, filming each step to provide an educational layer to the video. Overlays of these shots were strategically placed throughout the video for visual depth. Interviews with Ekomenu spokespersons and the farmer provided a narrative backbone, serving as a voiceover that educated while maintaining visual interest. Our approach was to intertwine education and aesthetics, creating a compelling and informative experience that keeps the viewer captivated by the harmony of sight and sound.

Results and Impact:

The advertising video turned out to be a success for Ekomenu, drawing in a crowd of new customers who are enthusiastic about wholesome food and environmental care. Additionally, we took the smart step of repurposing sections of the video into bite-sized clips for Instagram Reels and TikTok, sparking even more interest. This clever move did double duty: it attracted viewers to the full video and played a key role in growing Ekomenu's new Instagram profile. By sharing these engaging snippets across social media, we not only increased video views but also welcomed a wave of new followers to Ekomenu's social media presence.