Ekomenu x Biofruit

Ekomenu x Biofruit

The Project

In our new infomercial for Ekomenu, Deldico Studios takes you on a visual exploration of the ecological and healthy food baskets that have become synonymous with conscious living. Filmed on location at BioFruit Zeeland, we trace the path of organically grown apples and pears, emphasizing the integrity and environmental stewardship behind Ekomenu's offerings.

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Strategy & Approach:

Our strategy was to educate and engage Ekomenu's customers by transparently showcasing the farming process. The production utilized a mix of on-the-ground footage and interviews with farm staff to highlight sustainable practices. Drone cinematography was used sparingly to give context to the scale of organic farming efforts, while close-up shots of the produce and farming techniques provided a detailed look at the quality and care taken in growing the fruits.

Results & Impact:

The infomercial has successfully augmented Ekomenu's brand image as a provider of wholesome, eco-friendly food options. Customers reported a better understanding of the value of Ekomenu's food baskets, leading to an increase in informed purchases. The informative content not only bolstered the company's reputation for transparency but also encouraged a ripple effect of informed discussions on sustainability among viewers, further aligning the brand with the ideals of responsible consumption