Ekomenu Rebranding

Ekomenu Rebranding

The Project

For Ekomenu, a supplier of healthy food boxes in Belgium and the Netherlands, we were tasked with implementing a new corporate identity across all possible online and offline expressions. Additionally, it was also our responsibility to design a complete set of brand icons. The aim was to strengthen Ekomenu's brand identity and to create a consistent visual presentation that would reflect the brand's core values and quality.

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Strategy and Approach:

To develop and implement the new corporate identity for Ekomenu, we conducted a thorough analysis of the brand and its desired image. We worked closely with the Ekomenu team to understand their vision, values, and objectives.

With these insights, we set out to create a new visual identity that felt modern, fresh, and sustainable. For the implementation of the new corporate identity, we addressed all possible online and offline expressions of Ekomenu. This included redesigning the website, the packaging of the food boxes, brochures, social media graphics, and more. We ensured that all expressions were consistent and seamlessly integrated with the renewed visual identity.

In addition, we designed a complete set of brand icons that represented the key aspects of Ekomenu. These icons were used to visualize the different product categories, nutritional values, and features of the food boxes. With this, we created a recognizable and visually consistent system that helped customers quickly find the right information.‍

Results and Impact:

The implementation of the new corporate identity and brand icons has yielded positive results for Ekomenu. The refreshed visual identity enhanced the brand value and positioning of Ekomenu as a reliable supplier of organic food boxes.

The consistency across all expressions, both online and offline, created a recognizable and professional appearance. This increased brand recognition and strengthened brand association among both existing and potential customers.

The new brand icons made it easier for customers to understand the different product categories and nutritional values of Ekomenu.